VMA LOGDIST, Industrial Packaging Solutions Company in Mexico & USA


We believe in every project

We adapt to your product

At VMA LOGDIST, we find areas of opportunity for any item or service and provide the appropriate, specialized packaging material for each need that is required. We dedicate personalized attention, creating a commitment to our clients.

Specialized services

Ready to complement you
Our goal is to provide you with dedicated and ideal solutions for any occasion, product, or situation you need.

Packaging specialists

Quality and innovation
We develop packaging solutions applying different techniques and materials that adapt perfectly to your product.

» Knowledgeable counsel
» Personalized service
» Optimization

Industrial supplies

Solutions built for you
We have the best packaging equipment, improving production lines and processes for our clients.

» Protective Packaging
» Pads, Bags & Labels
» Custom or standard corrugated boxes

and print

We can do your manual processes for high-low volumes & deliver high quality digital printing for your contract packaging needs.

» Turn key / Fulfillment
» Digital printing on demand
» Purchase and inventory control

boosts your project

Put your idea in a package
We are personally involved with each project that comes to us, adapting our base products, or creating packaging materials especially made for you, optimizing processes for the companies that trust us.

Closer to our clients

Constant communication
We are committed to being in constant contact, avoiding future mistakes. We know that your product must be ready to be delivered in the day and time that you require, which is why we are committed to your company and inventory, attending you every step of the way.

VMA LOGDIST Packaging solutions. ready to meet your requirements