Alternative Packaging Solutions: Small Brands & Companies


Is your brand in need of alternative packaging solutions? You came to the right place.

Custom Packaging

Many companies can offer you corrugated cardboard boxes for packaging, but you must know there are other options in the market. If you really want to reflect your brand’s personality and build a nice experience, custom packaging is right for you.

Custom packaging means that, although there are many pre-made choices out there, you will get a unique and attractive packaging made just for you. At VMA LOGDIST, we design packaging based on our client’s ideas and specifications, as well as the product’s needs. You choose among many styles and materials to get the right one, considering the product’s features.

We also offer printing services, for all kinds of boxes and bags. We customize it for you, so that your brand is shown at first sight, leaving a good impression on your customers.

Small Orders


If the reason you are looking for alternative options is because the amount of products you want to ship is not that large, don’t worry. It is possible to get the ideal solution for your brand.

At VMA LOGDIST, there is no need to make high volume orders. We do not seek quantity but quality instead. If you need to make a small order, count on us. Our technology and equipment guarantees a tailor-made printing service in line with your budget and your search for quality.

PrintWiz Distributors

Besides printing boxes and bags, there are other details that can be added to your packaging solutions. Tape is one of the essential supplies in the packaging industry, and it’s possible to customize it just for you. It can have your logo, a slogan, a message, an illustration, colors or anything you want.

PrintWiz is a tape dispenser that instantly prints designs while taping packaging. The dispenser has an ink-cartridge and a design, which is printed on the adhesive side, leaving a beautiful detail on your packaging. If you are interested in a PrintWiz dispenser, you can get it with us. At VMA LOGDIST we offer you alternative packaging solutions for your brand’s needs. Contact us to get more information or a quote. We’ve got you covered!