Complete Packaging Solutions: Boxes, Tape and Management


Finding complete packaging solutions for your company is essential to meet your production and shipping needs. In order to send out impeccable packages and make a good impression on your customers, you have to find the best packaging company. At VMA LOGDIST we are specialists in the field and will make sure to give you the best experience and service. Get to know our solutions here.

Custom Boxes & Plastic Bags


Our company designs custom packaging for any type of product. We do not require a minimum quantity of boxes or containers, since we have the plans and equipment to provide service to either small or large companies.

What we do at VMA LOGDIST is to analyze each product and come up with a custom design that adapts to this product’s features and its storage or distribution conditions. Our solutions vary from boxes of different styles and materials to custom plastic bags and even wood packaging. They can all be adapted to the client’s goals, considering ergonomics, safety and design.

Custom Packing Tape

If you really need complete packaging solutions, custom packing tape is definitely a must-have. We are PrintWiz distributors. PrintWiz can help you customize your tape, where you can add logos, slogans, illustrations, color or any message you want. This gives your product a distinguished personality and adds value to the customer’s experience.

Moreover, we provide companies with die-cut label rolls for printers, custom labels, plastic rolls and standard tape. We are industrial suppliers and we have the best items for manufacturing companies, maquiladoras and any other type of business.

Warehouse Management

In addition, we provide a great warehouse management service. Many companies have demanding storage or distribution needs. If this is your case, we’ve got you covered. Our packaging experience has given us the knowledge to carry out warehouse duties faster, and with better results, improving productivity and package safety.

At VMA LOGDIST we have the complete package. We offer a great service, quality supplies and the best packaging design in the U.S. If you’re interested, contact us to get a quote and let’s start that packaging project.