Contract Manufacturing Advantages and Disadvantages


Your products have to be in perfect conditions when they are delivered to your customers. For this purpose, finding the right packaging for each item is vital. Do you want to look for a packaging supplier but keep analyzing contract manufacturing advantages and disadvantages? Don’t worry, at VMA LOGDIST we will advise you on the subject.

Packaging Manufacturing

It’s no news that not all companies manufacture their own packaging. Many times, due to productivity and logistics, factories focus on developing a line of products and prefer to leave the task to another manufacturer. This manufacturer carries out the whole process in a different facility, following the client’s requirements, and comes up with an ideal packaging for the company.

If you are considering hiring another company to provide this service for you, we advise you to consider all the advantages and disadvantages. At VMA LOGDIST, we are packaging specialists, so we know everything about it. Here are the pros and cons of hiring our contract packaging solutions:



Our company is specialized in custom packaging. We design every detail of the container, and it is made to protect and take care of your product, but also to offer you quality and innovation.


There is no other packaging company with our commitment to guarantee you a perfect product. We are constantly improving our service and striving to learn more about design, technology and equipment to be better.


Our amazing location allows us to offer international coverage. We have offices in San Diego, California in the U.S., but also in the city of Tijuana, in Mexico.


As you can imagine, hiring another company to develop your packaging will save you many expenses. We are a cost efficient company, always willing to adjust to your budget.



Losing control of the company’s processes can be overwhelming for some people. If this is your case, that can be a disadvantage. Nevertheless, with VMA LOGDIST, we make sure to listen to your needs and specifications, making you feel like the control of your packaging is in your hands.


What if the quality of the contract manufacturer doesn’t match the quality of our products? If this is something that bothers you, we get it. Fortunately, if you choose to work with VMA LOGDIST, every packaging detail will reflect the essence and high-quality of your brand.