Contract Packaging Systems: Design, Testing & Manufacturing


Manufacturing companies are amazing. They are like complex machines that work with a mechanism made out of many gears that work together and almost never stop. The gears are the areas of the company; they are interconnected, so if one stops or is delayed, the other ones will be so.

If you want to know more about contract packaging systems in order to be efficient in all the areas of your company, we can help you. AT VMA LOGDIST we are specialists in the field and will advise you properly.

Packaging is a Priority

Although packaging is one of the final steps in a company’s supply chain, it is not less important than other manufacturing areas. Packaging is a priority because it is how the product stays protected and in good conditions to be delivered to your customer.

If your company is looking for a way to speed up processes and get better results, you can get contract packaging solutions that equal your brand’s productivity and essence.

Packaging Companies

When looking for a packaging company, you must consider the services and products they offer. At VMA LOGDIST, we create the perfect packaging for our clients; in order to do that, we have the following process:


A contract packaging service should be able to come up with a solution from scratch. At VMA LOGDIST we design every detail of the packaging, based on the product’s needs and our client’s requirements. Once the design is made, we are ready to test it.


We test all our designs in order to guarantee quality, but also to make sure that the safety and good condition of the product isn’t at stake. By considering aspects such as movement, temperature, pressure and other conditions, we make sure that the product will arrive safely to its destination.


Finally, we get on with the manufacturing process. We create the exact amount of boxes or bags that you need. You can get as many products as you need, but if your order is not that large, there is no need to worry: there is no minimum quantity.

At VMA LOGDIST we offer excellence and flexibility. Whether you own a small brand or a large company, we will have the right packaging for you. We’ve got you covered!