Custom Printing & Packaging Industries: Quality and Design


There are many custom printing & packaging industries in Mexico. But your products require the best one in the country; therefore, we are here to tell you about the ideal supplier for you: VMA LOGDIST. Keep reading to know why it is the best option.

Industrial Packaging & Supplies

At VMA LOGDIST, we care about your products, so we take care of their image, protection and proper delivery. This is possible with our many solutions of packaging design and printing.

We analyze each product, brand and customer’s need; we come up with different prototypes and options to get the best wrapping for a specific article; we choose the ideal one that is going to perfectly showcase the product while providing support and proper handling. Then, we just wrap it up and know that the product is going to arrive without distribution risks or damages.

Printing Solutions

VMA LOGDIST’s package printing services provide a full solution that is attractive, functional and up-to-date. If you require printed boxes or printed bags to pack your product, we can create the design, following your specifications.

We know that details are also important; therefore, we offer our clients the possibility to get custom tape to secure their packages with an imprint that won’t go unnoticed. You can also acquire a Print Wiz dispenser with your brand’s logo or a message related to the product. That will give your product extra security but also extra personality.

Specialized Packaging


Your packaging needs can get the right solution with us. Our company provides specialized packaging by creating a suitable design for each product. We focus on ergonomics, resistance, security, durability, quality and many more aspects that need to be taken into account when choosing the right package and protection for merchandise.

At VMA LOGDIST, we provide the best materials, whether that is cardboard, plastic or wooden materials, among many other options. We always adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients to keep them happy and satisfied with the result.

If you want to get to know more of our industrial packaging and printing services, visit our website or contact us. We’ve got you covered!