International Industrial Supply and Packaging Services


All types of companies aim for success. Factories that ship around the world, small brands with a new line of products; they all want what is best for them. For this reason, when searching for international industrial supply and packaging services, you should go for the option that will meet all your requirements. At VMA LOGDIST, we do this, and here we will tell you how.

Market & eCommerce

Today, packaging has become an important feature in a product. With the rise of online shopping and the success of eCommerce, companies have had to invest more time and resources in their product’s packaging. Now, people buy products from home and wait right there to receive them.

This is why packages need to have the perfect design. If you consider aspects such as type of product, temperature, movement, fragility, size and weight, among many others, you make sure your delivery will be safe and that your customer will be satisfied.

Some companies, on the other hand, do not distribute their products to customers directly. They send out their production (or raw materials) to other companies, and their industrial needs require specific solutions for their daily activities. This includes having a supplier who can give you the exact tools that you require to protect, label, package and secure your goods.

Worldwide Solutions


Fortunately, VMA LOGDIST provides a great packaging service in the U.S. and Mexico. We are industrial suppliers with worldwide solutions for any type of company. Our items, tools and equipment guarantee the best quality for production delivery or storage.

We provide boxes made of different materials, according to your needs, as well as plastic bags. Our protection items ensure your product’s conservation, and our tapes and label rolls adhere to the package to avoid accidents. We also have safety and hygiene materials for employees, as well as tools and equipment for the warehouse and platforms if needed.

In any part of the world, our contract packaging services are efficient, safe and professional. Our industrial supplies cover the needs of manufacturers, offering quality and a great service.

If you are interested in VMA LOGDIST’s services, just contact us, and we will be there to cover you.