International Packaging Manufacturing & Industrial Supplies


Manufacturing, packaging, shipping, delivering: it’s the process a product has to go through before reaching to the customer’s hands. To get there, companies need to be sure that the product they’re shipping arrives safely. Therefore, if you’re looking for international packaging manufacturing and industrial supplies, you came to the right place. Let us tell you about VMA LOGDIST’s services.

Contract Packaging

At VMA LOGDIST, we provide contract packaging and printing services. We are specialists that will design the ideal packaging for your line of products. We focus on creating suitable choices, analyzing every detail that surrounds the packaging experience.

We work with high-quality materials, providing care and support for any package. We make them easy to handle, which is great for loading, unloading and delivering. In addition, we have 100% recyclable resources and materials available, so you can request a whole batch of custom boxes without feeling bad for the environment.

International Distribution

We are a company located in the U.S. and Mexico, but we offer international distribution and attention. We adapt, create and deliver. We aim for success and give everything that is necessary to meet our client’s requirements.

Our tailor-made solutions cover international packaging standards. Companies that have worked with us always receive the best assistance, and the final product is always better than what they initially had in mind.

Industrial Supplies


The warehouse of a manufacturing company is more than just a place to store the production. Even storing goods can be a difficult task, so you have to make sure you have the right materials and equipment to do it. Fortunately, VMA LOGDIST has experience in the logistics of a warehouse. We supply companies with the best items to wrap, pack, tape, protect, and stack products.

We also offer management services for your warehouse, keeping track of your inventory, improving the logistics of your production line, as well as reducing costs and saving time.

Let’s make sure you get the international packaging manufacturing service that your company and products need. iContact us to get the best solutions, materials and plans for your manufacturing needs. Let’s wrap it up!