Manufacturing, Printing and Contract Packaging in Mexico & USA

Suitable design and printing for your product

Contract and print

At VMA LOGDIST, we provide you with the advice you need so that your product is perceived by the industry, with specialized packaging designed for you.


An ideal project

When carrying out the structural design of your packaging, we seek a balance between the purposes of each material and the product—taking into account: characteristics, movement, quality, and an optimal cost for you.

Our industrial supplies and materials fulfill the functions of each product. For example:

At VMA LOGDIST, we consider several features when observing and developing a package.

Our goal is to provide you with specialized and fitting packaging solutions for any circumstance, product, or situation you need.

Product content

» Its nature
» Size and shape
» Density and weight
» Fragility or resistance
» Its form of presentation (liquid, solid, powder)
» Its behavior in the face of temperature changes

Distribution risks

» Drilling
» Pressure resistance
» Vibration when transporting
» Temperature changes
» Low pressure, in case of air transport
» Moisture and dust risks
» Bacteria, fungi, and insects
» Horizontal and vertical impacts that the product may suffer in the transportation and handling process

Conditions where you manage your product

» Easy-to-handle packaging
» Item size and weight
» How to use the product
» Packaging distribution, logistics, and inviolability system

We adapt the packaging to human anatomy and its needs

Quality materials
The design conditions of our packaging have certain characteristics that provide functionality and aesthetics suitable for the consumer.
At VMA LOGDIST we take care that the packaging can be opened easily, at the right pace, non-slip, that it does not get dirty and that it adapts to the shape of the hand, being completely safe for the user.

VMA LOGDIST Distribution

We are distributors of a new concept in custom tape printing, making it possible for anyone to print personalized packaging tape for identification, promotion, and security.
Changing printed information is fast and efficient, allowing the user to maintain different printing wheels when exchanging it to another design.

We design with quality materials and durability for the protection of your product