Primary and Secondary Packaging: Definition and Examples


If you want to learn about primary and secondary packaging, here we will give you the definitions and some examples for a better understanding. Keep reading.

Primary Packaging


Primary packaging is the packaging that contains the product. It is in direct contact with the product, which means that there is nothing between them. Primary packaging can come in many forms, such as plastic or paper bags, cardboard or laminated boxes, and plastic bottles, to mention a few.

For example, when you buy your favorite cereal, it usually comes in a box, but when you open the box, there is a plastic bag inside, which is the one that actually contains the cereal. Here, the plastic bag is the primary packaging.

The same happens with other products. The primary packaging of a cream lotion is the plastic bottle that contains it; the one of soap bars is the box that protects it; the one of a…

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is the packaging that contains the product with the primary packaging. It is not in direct contact with the product itself, it helps to protect the product and/or to join together items of the same product. Secondary packaging is usually made of corrugated boxes.

In the cereal example, the secondary packaging would be the box that contains both the bag and the cereal. Without this box, cereal bags would be easily damaged. Secondary packaging displays the information about the product

What Products Need Primary & Secondary Packaging?

There is no rule that determines how to use primary and secondary packaging, although the decision is never random. It always depends on the type of product and its features. Packaging not only contains goods, but it also serves a purpose, such as keeping the product safe, fresh, stable and in one piece.

If you want to know whether your product needs just primary packaging or also second packaging, you should rely on packaging specialists to guide you through this process. At VMA LOGDIST, we always provide the best packaging solutions for small brands or large companies. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.