What are Industrial Packaging Supplies? Packaging Specialists


Industrial packaging supplies are essential items in any manufacturing company. Thanks to them, the supply chain keeps running, and the products are fabricated and delivered in time. But what are they? Let’s talk about it.

Industrial Supplies


An industrial supply is any item or group of items that are used in the industry. In packaging companies, industrial supplies help to produce, protect and reinforce packaging, as well as to protect the safety of workers.

They can be made of raw materials or machinery and come from simple items to complex equipment. At VMA LOGDIST we are industrial suppliers. The following are some of the items that we can provide you for your packaging needs.


It is an essential in any home, office, school or company, but in the packaging industry is like the king of supplies. It is used to assemble and close some boxes, giving them protection and stability.

Stretch film:

This plastic film is super stretchable and it is used to wrap items or boxes. It gives the package stability and makes it easier to handle while protecting it and working as tamper-proof.


They are used to hold and reinforce a package or a set of packages.


Just like the tape, they are used everywhere. However, as packaging supplies, they can come in a bigger size to help assemble, close or reinforce boxes, bags and other types of packaging.

Tools and equipment:

Packaging, storing and stacking require different tools and equipment that we provide for our client’s comfort.

Safety and hygiene materials:

We provide the mandatory and vital items needed for the packaging and manufacturing industry, such as masks, helmets, safety glasses and many more.

Although we focus on packaging, we provide industrial supplies for any type of manufacturing company. The industry has needs and demands that have to be met with great care, service and as soon as possible. That is what we do at VMA LOGDIST.

To get the complete list of supplies that we deliver to our customers, contact us. We will be glad to provide you with the best quality products in the U.S., anytime you need them. We’ve got you covered!