Beautiful Custom Printed Boxes: No Minimum Order Quantity


Are you looking for custom printed boxes no minimum order quantity? You came to the right place. As custom packaging designers and specialists, we know the needs of our clients. Discover how we work at VMA LOGDIST and get the best service for your company.

Custom Packaging

VMA LOGDIST is dedicated to designing custom packaging solutions for any type of product. We listen to the client’s requirements and analyze the product, its features and its delivery or storage process. Then, we come up with ideas for the structure and material of the packaging before we test its functioning and durability. Finally, we create the packaging and print a beautiful design that attracts the final customer.

Box styles

When you think of custom boxes, perhaps you just imagine a simple box with a design. However, there are different styles, and our duty is to find the perfect fit for your product. The size and shape of the box depends entirely on the size, weight, content, and fragility of the product (among other features). We will choose the ideal dimensions of the box in order to keep the inside safe and the outside appealing.

As for the materials, we manage different types of cardboard, and the final decision will depend on the needs of our client, but also on the type of design they are looking for, and the style of box they choose.

Yes, no minimum


We know how important it is to stay on your budget and your production line needs. We are flexible and don’t impose an amount of boxes required to get it done. Printed boxes should be available for any brand that is eager to launch a beautiful product and create an amazing unboxing experience.

With VMA LOGDIST’s technology, there is no minimum quantity required, since we adapt our printing machines and technology for brands that do not ship industrial amounts of products, but smaller batches instead.

Get to know our custom solutions made just for you. Our custom packaging services are flexible, professional and ideal for any type of company. Contact us and let’s wrap up your project!