Find the Best Industrial Packaging Solutions in San Diego


San Diego is a city with a lot of successful companies dedicated to manufacture and ship goods. These companies need to have the best suppliers in order to provide an excellent service and make sure they are making quality products. Therefore, if you’re looking for industrial packaging solutions in San Diego, we have the answer for you.

Industrial Packaging

VMA LOGDIST is a San Diego company that designs packaging, provides industrial supplies and offers warehouse management & logistics services. We are located in San Diego, California to meet the industrial needs of the region, but also of the country and the world.


At VMA LOGDIST we make it all from scratch. If you need a special package for any type of product, we design the container in order to make it functional, secure and attractive. We make tests and choose the right materials, depending on the results we get and, of course, the client’s requirements.


We offer contract packaging and printing services for companies that wish to stand out from the competition. Our company prints with detail and offers great designs to cover your packages and make them appealing to your customers. Whether you need a small number of items, or a considerable amount of boxes or bags, we are your option.


We wouldn’t be able to provide packaging solutions without the proper supplies. We know what you need to package, store and deliver the products of your company. At VMA LOGDIST, we provide quality materials for packaging, labeling, protecting, securing and kshipping your products.


We always adapt to our client’s needs. Your package should always be safe and easy to handle in order to take care of what’s inside. Therefore, we consider all your specifications and take them very seriously, in order to create a package that has everything.

In times like these, customers wish to receive packages in the best conditions, and, to do that, your company needs to rely on the best suppliers in town.If you have a company in San Diego that is looking for the best industrial packaging solutions, you came to the right place. Visit our website or contact us to get to know.