Custom Printed Retail Boxes for Small and Large Companies


Companies that manufacture products not only have to take care of the ingredients or components of what they are offering: packaging is just as important. It is the first impression, the container of the quality and comfort you offer as a brand. Therefore, if you are searching for custom printed retail boxes, look no more. We are your solution.

Retail Boxes


A box is many things: it is a package, a gift, a storage case, but it is also an opportunity to unfold something that we expect or even a surprise. It holds items, food, equipment or any other thing. That’s why your brand needs that box to be special, to say something about what’s inside and to fit the hands that will receive them.

Retail boxes are a good option for our clients; if they need a small-medium amount of custom boxes, we can cover them.


In order to contain and protect a specific product, you need the appropriate package. At VMA LODGIST we design, test and create the best possible package for any type of product. This is how we do it:

  • Design

To create the ideal container, we meet our client’s specifications of structure and other details. We consider the type of product and its material, as well as if it needs special protection or handling. Then we come up with different options to ensure safety, functionality, optimization and a great image.

  • Materials

To offer a nice experience and to keep the product fresh, protected or sealed, we choose the materials that suit it better. We have a wide variety of cardboard, plastics and protection items. Our packaging methods and technology offer the best result for any type of company.

  • Printing

To stand out from the competition, package printing is always the best choice. By customizing the packaging of your products, you are making it more attractive for customers. We have the best printing technology, so that you can have your boxes customized, as well as many other details that come with our great service.

If you want to leave a mark on your customers by showing the signature of your brand and making it unique and more recognizable, contact us. We offer the best custom printed retail boxes; do not hesitate to contact us.