What to Look For in Packaging Distributors and Manufacturers


When looking for packaging distributors and manufacturers, you want to make sure you find the best team of quality providers. If you want to manage your packaging with a careful, specialized and resourceful company, we will tell you what to look for.

Convenient Manufacturing


In order to find a company that adapts to your needs, first you have to know them. Is your product ready to be packaged? If so, make a list of the features of your product and a list of requirements for the packaging.

At VMA LOGDIST we are packaging specialists and industrial suppliers. When we are developing packaging for a client, we consider everything about the product and what it has to go through during the storage and delivery process. Then, we analyze these features and start the project.


The design of your packaging should never be random. There are different styles, and they are chosen based on features of the product, not only on what looks better. At our company, we design the structure of the packaging considering size, weight, fragility and other relevant factors.


Once the design is made, packaging companies should test it before starting the manufacturing process. This stage allows the designer to prove if the structure, materials and other aspects are appropriate, or if it needs modifications. Packaging needs to ensure resistance and stability, as well as to guarantee the safety, freshness, and good condition of a product.

Variety of Products

The ideal packaging manufacturer should offer you a variety of products and possibilities. If they do, it means that they have the knowledge and equipment to make the right packaging for your specific product.

At VMA LOGDIST we offer custom boxes or bags, made out of different materials; interior packaging, if needed; industrial supplies for packaging and protection of your employees.

International Coverage

Lastly, make sure that your packaging distributor can ship to your city or country. For example, at VMA LOGDIST, we offer international coverage to deliver our products to Latin America and the U.S. We are strategically located in San Diego, California, but also in the northern region of Mexico, so that your company can contact us.